Looking Through a Curious Mind: Can Instructional Design and Technology Enhance your Current Position or Change Your Career Path???

Many times, we struggle with our career path and what we find to be our true passion. In my mind, I always wanted to work in Marketing and Public Relations, but I also know that I wanted to help people whether assisting through community or school organized events, teaching or just inspiring someone through conversation….letting them know they have great gifts which are designed to help them succeed in life. As a society we all tend to question our motives for the career paths we choose. Are we doing what we really have a passion for? Many people say “No” to this question! Many are not fulfilled in their jobs because of not being in the careers they really wanted.

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Completing my Master of Business Administration in Marketing has been a goal for many years because my undergraduate college did not offer major or minor concentration options for degree programs. Therefore, I received a Bachelor of Science in Business. Later in my career I started teaching post-secondary education within the vocational sector. I started teaching cosmetology. While teaching cosmetology, I taught business, marketing and entrepreneurship as part of the business fundamental curriculum I developed as part of the school’s advanced education program for the senior class and alumni. I used materials and resources I acquired throughout my work experience and I also applied what I learned during undergraduate coursework. As time and technology was progressing, I found there where more options for education online or what was initial called distance learning. I saw future degree professionals with busy lives would benefit from utilizing this alternative learning environment to progress in their higher education process versus using a tradition method. In addition, even my employer started using on-demand broadcasts and videos for training, certification content and informational updates on policies and procedures.

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Having a passion for learning and education, directed my pursuit to have a better understanding about instructional design and technology. How can I offer my skills and knowledge to others? Instructional design has many components in which I was not fully aware until I enrolled and started the course. One of my most profound comment comes from my first blog entry while studying the course

“Technology has taken over the curve of learning into a new direction! This is only the beginning for the Millennial, as they demand more stimulating and interactive ways of learning which can keep them engaged, excited which appeals their learning styles and creativity.”

learning evolution

Although the Millennial are more computer savvy, Generation X and even some Baby Boomers have no choice but to embrace and get current with the today’s technology. This is even true with teaching methodologies and how the content is developed and structured. Learning how to design a personal learning environment is more in depth than what I thought when I decided to take my teaching to another level through using technology.


I started with the basics of designing instructional content. The ADDIE Model (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) provides the most basic and traditional approach. The ADDIE Model starts the design process. When thinking about quality assurance component and success of the design, having a resource to evaluate the effective is essential to help understand where adjustments are needed. This bring us to the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Model. This model is to evaluate the results. The Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Model is a four level or tiered process which helps trainers to measure the effectiveness of their training.



The goal of the instructional designer is to ensure the content is communicated clearly, comprehended and retained by learner which can late be assessed by testing to determine if the objective where met.

Technology is not always received with a warm welcome! Having a team with diverse backgrounds can help bring creative and innovative ideas to the design project. Team members with diverse backgrounds, work styles and characteristics are needed but it can have both advantages and disadvantages within the team dynamics. Communication will be key to the success of the project.navigating-generational-differences-in-the-professional-environment-23-638

The titled question asks, “Can Instructional Design and Technology Enhance your Current Position or Career Path???” The question is a personal preference. In my case, as a former educator and consultant this can be used in both my current position and as a career transition. As a Salon Manager and Peer Mentor, I can help to enhance the current content which my company using through their on-demand learning system. There is always a need for upgraded content and resource and techniques to communicate and engage the learners. Using instructional designing as a career transitioning path is viable and lucrative. Currently, there are great opportunities available for sustainable employment this is especially important with the progression and advancements of technology, instructional designers are a necessity and will be the most sought after.

entrepreneur_after_jobThank you for visiting and reading! I hope you have learned or been inspired by what I’ve shared, stay tuned for more to come.



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